The kraken has been unleashed



Masternodes are a section of the infrastructure of a certain group of crypto currencies. They are computer servers and provide services to cryptocurrency users. Masternode coins were developed so as to give the coin owners more control and more yield. One way that Masternode generates is yield is by offering services to the crypto currency infrastructure.


The Masternodes’ cryptocurrency systems divide the block reward among cryptocurrency miners, the holders of the Masternodes service. One way that the reward blocks are generated is through transactions fees that are charged when buying or selling the cryptocurrency.


The Masternode system utilizes people’s competitiveness and creativity to get ideas of improving the coin. The best ideas are generated from proposals submitted by coin holders. These ideas improve the currency value which in turn increase the block reward. The value of the Yield depends on:

  • The coin value during the trading session.
  • Payout frequency
  • The cost of hosting the node.
  • The cost of the coins.

    Kraken coin is a coin that invests in the power of people. It provides a simple wallet setup option for both staking and Masternode. This coin has Over 80% Pure PoS block reward phase which is optimum for investment.

    The coin has a stable building block of long term committed investors who guarantee the coin continuity. The Masternode network takes advantage of market inefficiency by giving the people the power to shape the coin’s future. The concept of giving the coin owners the power to shape the coin’s future means that the coin’s yield is proportional to the people’s effort.


    Kraken Coin is a well decentralized network of Masternode holder’s without superfluous control and intermediaries/gatekeepers with more than 80% pure PoS Block reward phase which ensures lightning fast and secured transaction, multi-wallets, encrypted messaging and stealth address for complete anonymity. Kraken Coin is a blockchain based decentralized cryptocurrency that rewards network participation via static proof of stake.


    Kraken Coin rewards „connectivity age” as opposed to „coin age,” and this expels abuse from trades and clients that don’t enhance the system. By keeping up a steady system of reward, the interest rewards are in respect to the work contributed by each dynamic node. This totally puts off centralization while empowering the system wellbeing.


    Kraken Coin Cryptocurrency is being developed by:

    Krakencoin LTD